Karl is a dynamic, creative, self motivated, business development professional and entrepreneur living in Honolulu Hawaii. Karl graduated from Bryant University and went on to launch an office technology services company shortly following graduation. As Vice President of Sales & Marketing he lead the company to significant growth during a recessionary climate. In 2009 Karl was honored to receive the Business West’s 40 under 40 award along with other very talented local business people.  This experience was a great journey through the world of business and taught Karl many valuable business lessons.

Currently, Karl works as a Business Development Manager for a Hawaiian IT Services firm. His passion for working with and helping small business owners continues to add value now in the tropical paradise of Honolulu Hawaii.

Karl is also a golf lover, New England sports fan, organic foodie and investment swing trader. Fun fact- In Basketball, Karl holds the all time career field goal % at his high school Alma mater.


2 thoughts on “Get To Know Me

    1. Aloha Susan!
      So nice to hear from you. I wish you the best in 2016 and beyond as well! What are you up to these days? Feel free to connect with me on facebook or linkedin so we can stay in touch.


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